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Quechua (South America)

Cuzco Quechua Concordance Fragment
Cuzco Quechua Thesaurus Fragment
Cuzco Quechua Verb Stem List (Native)
Cuzco Quechua Verb Stem List (Spanish)

This is very much a work in progress. The reports listed above include data from Mark, Luke, and John (Mosoq Rimanakuy [Lima: Sociedad Bíblica Peruana, 1966]). With almost 24,000 words in the database, the proportion of native to Spanish vocabulary is 86% native to 14% Spanish. Many names in the New Testament have Hebrew or Greek derivations, but come to Cuzco Quechua through Spanish.


Just as Navajo is the largest Native speech community in North America, Quechua (in all its dialects) is the largest Native speech community in South America. Quechua is spoken from Colombia to Chile on the western side of South America, but primarily in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Four dialects of Quechua have a million or more speakers. These are Chimborazo Highlands Quichua (Ecuador; 1,000,000), Ayachucho Quechua (Peru; 900,000), Cuzco Quechua (Peru; 1,500,000), and South Bolivian Quechua (Bolivia; 2,780,000). In addition, there are Aymara (Bolivia; 1,790,000) and Guaraní (Paraguay; 4,650,000).