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Walking With Jesus
Line Drawings

Line Drawings

If you've already seen Walking With Jesus, you may have noticed that the booklet has four line drawings (see pages 1, 30, 69, and 96). They depict the state flowers of each of the four-corners states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah), here listed in alphabetical order.

In the booklet, however, states are not introduced alphabetically. Instead the sequence is Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado. The arrangement is based on how many Navajos live in each state - first Arizona, then New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. (Click here for more information).

If you're interested in demographical sorts of things, I have some additional reports that you can look on another web site.

Some Background

My wife, Wanda, did the line drawings. She taught school for a number of years and one of the subjects she taught was art.