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Walking With Jesus
Audio Recording

Audio Recording

The booklet (Walking With Jesus) is available in print and also in a two-CD audio recording. The recording was done by Frank Hardy, one of the co-authors.

This kind of project takes endless hours to do. So since I had the equipment here, I did the recording. Asking Tony to do it would have meant another air trip out to New Mexico, with its expenses, and many hours out of Tony's already very full teaching schedule at Diné College.

If you want to take the recording for a test run, you can listen to the whole booklet online. For that matter, you can also read the whole booklet online. Click here to either read or listen.

To Place an Order

The audio recording comes as a two-CD set, with the first six chapters on one CD and the last six chapters on the other. The price is $5.00.

To purchase a copy of the recording please print out the order form and mail it in. Sorry! We're not set up for online credit card purchases at this point.